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3rd Australian Space Biology x Health Summit

16-19 November 2021
The Project will present its views on the  benefits of a human rights approach to health issues in the outer space context - underscoring the need to respect, protect, and fulfill the right to health across the final frontier.


2021 ASCEND Conference

8-17 November 2020
The Project will share our views on the future of health in space during a town hall seminar titled: "Human Rights in Space – The Right to Health."   


Podcast Episode - Celestial Citizen 

26 August 2021
The Project discussed the future of advocacy spanning the fields of human rights, disability rights and space law.  

Celestial Citizen is a platform for promoting a more equitable and just vision of planetary settlement beyond Earth.


BIS Reinventing Space Conference

28-30 June 2021
The Project presented its views on the  benefits of a human rights approach to space debris - in highlighting the issue as a collective environmental concern, and in advancing sustainable development in outer space.


Podcast Episode - The Office Reset

28 June 2021
The Project spoke about the future of space activities, and exploring the relevance of human rights in shaping the outer space workplace.

The Office Reset is a show about the future office, post covid-19. Hosted by Ayesha Salim.

in outer space.


Governing Non-State Actors in Outer Space

23 June 2021
The Project presented as part of a GMUN-Article 33 panel event with Professors Steven Freeland and Melissa De Zwart on the relevance of a human rights approach in governing the activities of non-state actors.


The Institutions of Extraterrestrial Liberty

8 - 11 June 2021
The Project presented its views on the  utilization of existing international human rights law to support and operationalize measures conducive to human activities in space and upon other celestial bodies.


IAA Planetary Defense Conference 2021

26-30 April 2021
The Project presented its views on the  application of a human-rights based approach to disaster and humanitarian response as part of a unified planetary defence policy .


The push to define workers' rights in space

13 April 2021
The Project was invited to share its views with AXIOS Space on the future and relevance of human rights in defining labor issues in space.


24 - 26 February 2021
The Project spoke on the need for a Human Rights Based Approach to Outer Space Sustainability.


43rd COSPAR Scientific Assembly

28 January - 4 February 2021
The Project presented its views on the role of human rights in promoting environmental stewardship on the moon and other celestial bodies.


Space Association of Australia - January Public Meeting 

25 January 2021
The Project presented on the need for policymakers and space industry professionals to anticipate the role of human rights in supporting human activities in outer space.


2020 ASCEND Conference

16 - 18 November 2020
The Project advanced our perspectives during a town hall seminar titled "The Future of Space Rights - Fundamental Human Rights in Outer Space."   


First Online Global Moon Village Workshop & Symposium

9-10 November 2020
The project presented its views on the relationship between human rights and the Moon Village Principles, in promoting sustainable human activities on the lunar surface. 


23rd Annual International Mars Society Convention

15 - 18 October 2020
The Project outlined the centrality of human rights in establishing a rules-based order, conducive to prolonged human habitation on the red planet under the paper "The Best of Both Worlds: Human Rights as a foundation for a Mars Bill of Rights."   


 71st International Astronautical Congress -The Cyberspace Edition

12 - 14 October 2020
The Project presented its views under the paper "The extraterritorial application of human rights in outer space" as part of "Session 2 - Moon and Mars Settlement: Open Legal Issues."   


2020 Space Health Symposium

5 - 6 October 2020
The Project contributed as part of the inaugural Australasian virtual Space Health Symposium (including Human Rights in the Space Environment).


United Nations/Austria Symposium: "Space Applications for Sustainable Development Goal 13: Climate Action"

1 - 3 September 2020
The Project presented its views on the relevance and need for human rights principles in supporting the use of space applications to meet international environmental obligations under SGD-13 on Climate Change.


2020 Lunar Development Conference 

19-20 July 2020
Project Co-lead Jonathan Lim presented his views on the role of human rights in promoting human activities on the lunar surface.


Podcast Episode - Claymin' Space  

14 March 2020 
Project Co-lead Jonathan Lim provided his perspectives on the project, and the role of human rights in space.


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